Our Culture

For those who don’t know us, the culture at Grant Thornton Rimess can come as a real surprise. After all, we’re a prestigious firm of accountants and business advisers – so you’d be forgiven for thinking the atmosphere would be corporate and stuffy. But that’s not the case. We’re actually a remarkably friendly and down-to-earth group of people. And we think this straightforward way of doing business is one of our key strengths.

We go out of our way to treat our people as grown-ups. We only hire those who share our high standards, so you’ll discover you’re trusted to do the best possible job for our clients. If you excel, you’ll find new opportunities are made available very quickly; early responsibility and rapid promotion are very much the norm here. But if your performance isn’t up to scratch, we’ll let you know straight away and we’ll help you to deal with it.

We’re also proud of the flexibility we offer our people. We know that every individual’s needs and circumstances can change considerably over time, so we’re always open to different ways of working. And it’s true flexibility we offer: if an arrangement suits you and also works for your team, anything can be possible. Many people across the business make use of this flexibility, even some of our most senior staff.

There’s always something going on socially – whether that’s team events, company’s “spring hiking” event, the Christmas party, or sports activities. How much or how little you get involved is completely up to you.