Why not get away for a little privacy—or a lot? Our two-day CIPP/E training class is a robust, interactive way to learn critical data protection concepts that are also integral to the CIPP/E certification exam. You’ll meet great people, gain essential skills and receive a voucher to take CIPP/E certification exam. Grant Thornton Baltic is the official training partner of International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania!

With continued fast technological innovation, information privacy is becoming more complex every day as more data is being collected and exchanged. As technology gets more sophisticated and invasive, so do the uses of data and regulations and laws surrounding it. As privacy has become a necessity of doing business so has increased businesses’ needs for qualified professionals who understand privacy and data protection.

 They can help companies and public organisations comply with the requirements of data protection regulation, and make sure that the data of clients and employees is processed securely and safely.

Grant Thornton Baltic offers a 2-day CIPP/E certification training in Riga on 7 and 8 December 2020. The training is in English and covers essential pan-European laws and regulations, as well as industry standard best practices for corporate compliance. Those taking this course will gain an understanding of the European model for privacy enforcement, key privacy terminology and practical concepts concerning the protection of personal data and trans-border data flows.

CIPP/E is the only ANSI accredited globally recognised data protection certification  programme. The certificate is issued by IAPP. Grant Thornton Baltic is the only official training partner of IAPP in Estonia and Latvia.

Topics covered during the training

  1. European data protection laws and regulatory bodies, evolution toward a harmonised legislative framework.
  2. The roles and relationships of controllers and processors.
  3. Defines processing principles and explains the application of the GDPR
  4. Information provision explains obligations for providing information about data processing activities to data subjects and supervisory authorities.
  5. Data subjects’ rights description, applications of those rights and controller and processor obligations.
  6. Security of Processing considerations and duties of controllers and processors for ensuring security of personal data
  7. Accountability includes discussion of data protection management systems, data protection impact assessments, privacy policies and the role of the data protection officer.
  8. Cross-border data transfers outlines options and obligations for transferring data outside the European Economic Area.
  9. Supervisions and Enforcement describes the role, powers and procedures of supervisory authorities; the composition and tasks of the European Data Protection Board
  10. Compliance discusses the applications of European data protection law, legal bases and compliance requirements for processing personal data.

Included in the training

    1. Official IAPP training materials
    2. Lunches and coffee breaks
    3. Certificate on the completion of the training
    4. Admission to the CIPP/E certification examination
    5. 12-month IAPP membership fee

Training price and registration

The 2-day certification training costs EUR 1,600 (+VAT).

The 2-day certification training without IAPP membership and exam voucher costs EUR 1,150 (+VAT).

To register please fill out the online registration form, send an e-mail to info@ee.gt.com or phone us on +372 626 0500 by 4 December 2020.

With any questions about CIPP/E training or certificate, please do not hesitate to contact Maili Torma on +372 626 0500 or by e-mail maili.torma@ee.gt.com.

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