Being active in multiple jurisdictions, you will face many opportunities and challenges. We see many examples of clients being successful in the Nordic Baltic market, and two years ago we formed a dedicated Nordic Baltic group to join forces in all service lines and countries. This strengthens our ambition to unlock our clients’ potential for growth.

Our Nordic Baltic Tax guide will guide you through the ever-changing tax landscape of the Nordic and Baltic areas. The brochure comprises the latest developments and trends in the tax landscape. Some of the changes will become effective in 2021. In addition we shall highlight tax rates applicable in the Nordic-Baltic region as of 2021. In addition to several individual changes, there are also general changes that shall be applicable in all Nordic-Baltic region as of 2021.

Grant Thornton tax specialists prepared an overview of the changes that have taken place in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which you can find down below.

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