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Our primary fields of activity include company law, securities law, competition law, labour law, public procurement law, civil proceedings, etc.

Commercial Law

We provide assistance in founding and restructuring as well as mergers, divisions and liquidations of companies; increasing and decreasing share capital; and other commercial law issues.

Law of Obligation (including Contract Law)

We draft contracts, provide legal opinions, represent clients in negotiations as well as in court and extrajudicial proceedings, and provide consultations in other matters related to the law of obligation, including obligations not governed by contracts.

Labour Law

We draft labour law documentation and provide opinions on existing documentation (incl., employment contracts, material liability contracts, confidentiality and non-competition agreements, internal working rules) as well as provide consultations in other labour law questions.

Due diligence and special audits

In the course of due diligence and special audit procedures, the documentation and legal relations of a client (or of a company specified by the client) are reviewed thoroughly, and based on the findings a report is prepared. In the report, a description of the identified circumstances and legal relations is provided with a special attention drawn to any deficiencies and problems discovered, which may include law violations, over- or under-regulation, etc.

Advising clients in contract negotiations

We provide back office support for acquisitions, sales, mergers, etc. We defend the interests of our client and draft the necessary documents (contracts, cooperation agreements, minutes of meetings, etc.). Clients are provided with a comprehensive service, comprising legal, taxation and financial advisory. The back office support gives clients a sense of security that possible risks related to their transaction have been mitigated.