Based on qualifications and experience of our team, we are open to the requests for expertise services in the field of real estate and technological equipment valuation:

Valuation of company assets

  • real estate,
  • infrastructure objects, engineering communications,
  • technological equipment.

Real Estate valuation

  • land plots, mansions, houses, apartments.

Commercial property valuation

  • commercial premises,
  • office buildings,
  • shopping malls, hotels, etc.

Valuation of industrial objects

  • buildings and structures,
  • warehouses, logistics centers, etc.

Infrastructure objects

  • roads, squares, railway tracks, berths,
  • sports, leisure and cultural facilities, etc.

Specialized properties

  • Industrial, manufacturing facilities processing and production complexes,
  • agricultural facilities,
  • gas stations, hydropower plants, cogeneration plants, etc.

Valuation of technological equipment

  • Technological equipment of different industries (manufacturing, gas, power, transport & logistics, municipal services etc.),
  • Vehicles, planes, railway rolling stock etc.,
  • Furniture, office equipment etc.

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